Who we are

We are a reinvented mobile food service company which start operations with the concept to serve upscale and gourmet Mexican food using top quality fresh ingredients for your enjoyment.

The MENU was carefully selected to bring you the real taste and flavours of the most recognized Tacos, Sandwiches and Gourmet Hotdogs from Mexico!

Our Mission

Bring to Vancouver area authentic Mexican food, consuming local products to support BC and cook them at the moment.

Our Goal

Provide you with the best culinary and service experience

Our Food

We serve exquisite Alambres(combination of grill red onion, bell pepper, tomato and cheese)with beef, chicken, chorizo or vegetarian tacos(order of 4)or mix and match 2 x 2(for sharing food), Sandwiches with the same combination in baguette and Gourmet(combination of grill tomato, red onion and cheese)or plain Hotdogs.

Thank you for visiting us!

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Our food is cooked fresh from scrach!

Our Hours

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We are moving around in Tri-Cities and Burnaby areas.

Check our location in the map below